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Tips to Prevent Wind Damage to Your Home

Each year, Kamloops falls prey to a number of severe storms. Along with heavy rainfall, these storms often achieve wind speeds of 50 km/h or even more. While wind damage is less a threat than flash floods, Kamloops residents should still be wary of storm damage associated with strong winds. Protecting your home requires some pre-planning, but nothing that lands too far out of orbit from what you should already be doing in terms of home maintenance. Read more.

Asbestos: Homeowner’s Guide to Staying Safe

Asbestos was once used regularly in a variety of building materials, for its tensile strength, fire-proof and insulating properties. Despite it’s almost ‘miraculous’ properties, asbestos poses many serious health risks. The fibers, if airborne and inhaled, can lead to mesothelioma, the scarring of lung tissue, or even cancer of the lungs. It’s important, especially in homes built before 1990, to check for the presence of asbestos. The asbestos removal experts at Thompson Valley Restoration DKI, in Kamloops, have a few suggestions about how best to proceed if you suspect that there is asbestos in your home.

5 Myths about Asbestos Busted

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral found throughout much of the world. Though it has some truly remarkable properties, including being resistant to extreme heat, its toxicity and capacity as a carcinogen makes it a dangerous and often lethal substance. Here at Thompson Valley Restoration, we hear much misinformation spouted about asbestos. Because such misrepresentation is potentially fatal, we want to clarify the truth. Here are five common myths about asbestos and the corresponding facts. Read more.
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