Industrial Painting Services in Kamloops & Central BC

Thompson Valley Restoration DKI offers industrial painting services in the Kamloops area central BC. Our experienced team is able to paint towers, tanks, trailers, buildings, bridges, permanent line painting, swimming pools and any large equipment you may want refinished. We offer custom coating systems and provide industrial or commercial painting using the best tools and processes for the job: airless, brush or roller applications.

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Industrial and Commercial Painting Systems

Thompson Valley Restoration DKI’s coating specialists can advise you on what type of site-specific coating system would be best for your project, or we can work to meet engineered painting specifications. It is proven that surface preparation is key to any repainting project. Using the industry’s largest variety of media blasting services, we can guarantee that the surfaces to be refinished will always be in the best condition possible. By utilizing the best equipment, materials, safe work procedures and applicators, we can guarantee our customers’ satisfaction will always be the #1 part of the job with us.

Here is a list of what we specialize in:

  • Elastomeric, epoxy and polyurethane coating systems
  • Dry fall interior ceiling painting
  • Flow coating and permanent line painting
  • Roof, floor and chemical resistant coating systems
  • Spray on building resealing and stucco painting
  • Portable containment systems and high reach painting to 300 feet
  • Power washing

Our customers include the pulp and paper industry; sawmills and wood presses; industrial plants; oil, gas and pipe lines; the mining industry; water, waste and septic facilities; electrical and substation painting; airports; ski lifts; swimming pools; towers; tanks; trailers; and bridges and log home refinishing. We are also available to paint any large equipment that you may have. Please call us for a free quote now.