Media Blasting

Much like dry ice cleaning, media blasting is great for many different cleaning solutions. Using different media to help blast-clean each surface, we offer many media blasting options, including sandblasting, glass bead blasting, soda blasting, walnut blasting, corn blasting and water blasting. We have the largest variety of media blasting options to choose from in all of Kamloops and throughout BC. These services will help you complete any projects on time and on schedule.

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This is our most aggressive cleaning system. It will remove any type of corrosion, paint, mill scale, oxides and oil or grease. This form of media blasting has been used to achieve a SSPC-SP 10 or NACE #2 near white metal blast specification. This service will prepare and clean all types of surfaces for new paint and/or maximum cleanup.

Corn Blasting

Conditions with heavy contamination that cannot be cleaned sufficiently with high pressure washing may need to be cleaned more safely and effectively with corn grit blasting. This process involves high pressure blasting with dry ground corn cob media and can be used safely on many types of surface substrates. The corn media is biodegradable, non-nutritious, non-conductive and does not contain seed.

Corn grit blasting is utilized to clean mill pitch and saw dust build up as well as grease and oil build up on all types of industrial equipment. Extra care is taken to prevent glaze erosion and deterioration of galvanized hardware. This lightweight abrasive media is also effective for delicate areas such as polishing metals and cleaning gauges, as well as for use in the automotive industry.

All ground areas will be covered, and our technicians will be sure to completely clean up the area to your satisfaction before leaving the job site. If you’re interested in a certain type of media blasting, contact us to get a free quote and ask any questions you may have.