Smoke & Fire Damage Restoration Services in Kamloops

Restoring a home or business after a fire takes more than just replacing burned walls and flooring. You have to take into account that in order to put the fire out, firefighters had to douse the flames. This could mean that standing water and other fire deterrent materials are lingering in your home. Ash residue can cause corrosion and lingering smoke odour affects overall air quality. To address all these problems and more, it’s important to hire a professional for your fire damage restoration in Kamloops and the surrounding areas.

Thompson Valley Restoration DKI is a construction-based company, comprised of caring and compassionate staff that will help with getting your home and life back in order. Our vast knowledge and experience in the quality construction methods utilized in commercial and residential restoration has given us the reputation of being the source to call for fire damage restoration in Kamloops. Detailed job scheduling, prompt start and completion, and front line communication with our clients regarding project progress sets us apart in the disaster recovery industry.

Benefits of Professional Fire Damage Restoration in Kamloops

Professional fire damage restoration companies, like Thompson Valley Restoration DKI, are knowledgeable in a variety of cleanup procedures. Not every surface, piece of furniture, or belonging can be cleaned and restored the same way. First of all, we can tell whether or not something is salvageable. If it is, we know how to restore it. Whether it’s leather goods, documents, books, or textiles like bed lines or draperies, our team has the proper equipment to handle its restoration.

Additionally, fire damage restoration in Kamloops and surrounding areas is also going to involve removing smoke odour. A professional company can ensure your home is returned to its pre-loss condition by tracing and removing the sources of smoke odours. Finding the source of the smoke also helps contain and remove items that may be contaminated. In dealing with accessible or scorched surfaces, for example, we can properly seal the area to prevent the spread of any contaminates or odour.

Thompson Valley Restoration DKI specializes in:
  • Structural repairs (all trades) – From roofing to support beams to drywall, we make sure your home’s structure is soundly restored. No need to call multiple tradespeople – we handle all jobs.
  • Building repair specifications – We can ensure the right materials are used and that your home’s specific shape, appearance, and dimensions are restored to pre-loss condition.
  • Cleaning specialists in fire and flood – Our flood restoration experience helps us properly address standing water and water damage in general caused by the firefighters’ hoses. 
  • Guaranteed odour removal – We protect indoor air quality by swiftly locating and sealing sources of smoke for cleaning or removal.
  • Professional project management – Our company will handle the project from beginning to end, ensuring the restoration stays within deadlines and budget.

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